Real estate projects to note

<p>I am trying to get my Master's Degree, and one of my college courses assigned a project on local real estate project that are ongoing. As part of my research, which is in the Miami, Florida area, a gent named&nbsp;Art Falcone turned up and wow, is he one successful property developer and real estate pro! He and his brother have interests in hotels, fast food chains and many other properties. If you click that link, there is a lot more info on Mr. Falcone and his realty developments. In my class, everything is due soon, so I gotta hit the keyboard and that project. Later, gator!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Unexpected Encounter of Labyrinthine Pools in Beirut


It is hard to picture Lebanon as a haven for beach bums like me. But when an avid country-hopper shared a post on Facebook, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Learn more about it below.


According to professional trader and avid traveler Marcello Arrambide, “Located on its own private sandy beach, the 5 star Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort in Lebanon’s Capital, Beirut. This amazing resort offers a labyrinth of pools and swim up bars, including the legendary Summerland ‘Cascade Waterfall.'” I’m certainly going to save up to see this oasis myself soon. Want to find out how people like Marcello fund their travel adventures? Visit


Marcello Arrambide was able to travel the world for roughly 4 years, visited roughly 80 countries and all 7 continents.

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Looking for just the right bikini for July 4?

<p>Looking for just the right bikini for July 4? Then you have come to the right blog, oh yeah 🙂 Seriously, what do you think of the&nbsp;usa flag bikini? Check it out and find that it comes in a variety of sizes online. IF, and that's a BIG "if" you could find this at a local store or outlet, you know it would be expensive plus it would only be available in like a size 2 through 4. Well, say adios to that nonsense and shop here online as I do. Have the item shipped well in time for the holiday.&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Focusing on fun on Facebook

<p>OK, I admit that I enjoy Facebook. In fact, I am on that site for probably a couple hours a day. Now that doesn't mean I sit and type and all that there for two solid hours. Often I have the &nbsp;site on while I am watching television, Liking friends' posts and sharing new ones, posting pics and shopping – all while I am semi-watching tv. One place I love is the&nbsp;Mommy Exchange, a great place to shop for moms and babes if you want shirts and onesies with silly sayings and even meaningful ones. Head there yourself and see!</p>

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Bear shirts for your cause

<p>Ever hear of shirts for a cause? Well, you may want to learn more and share the news. FOr starters, click on over to&nbsp;mama bear and papa bear shirt and check out all the shirts there. Then find out how their site works. You can set up a cause where you are seeking donations, like for helping with cancer hospital bills. As you set up your project, you will get links that you can share with others. Once the others review your products, ie shirts, and they order them, your cause earns $5 for each sale. It's that simple!</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

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Getting Around Europe

All European hotels are designed keeping in view the high taste of its possible inmatesThere are also great discounts and offers available while booking rooms at these 5 star hotelsChecking through the latest proposals could save you huge richesAmong the popular hotels here is the Channings hotel, Hillside Beach Club, Lykia World, Marco Polo Presnja Hotel, Bahia Principe Costa Adeje, Kempinski Hotel Airport, Barut Hotel Hemera, Olympic Lagoon Resort and Westin Excelsior FlorenceAn extended vacation, where you can drive around Europe and explore off the beaten path, can be an achievable dreamIf you are considering a European vacation where you will have much more freedom and flexibility than with a guided tour, driving a car through Europe can be the ultimate vacation experienceThe best and least expensive way to achieve this is through short term car leasingShort term car leasing involves buying a new car straight from the factory while you are in Europe, and ending the lease by having the car manufacturer buy back the car when you are ready to leaveThere are two main companies in Europe that participate in this program, Renault Eurodrive, and PeugeotThis method of driving a car on your vacation has many benefits and only a few restrictionsThe main factor you will want to consider is how long you will need the vehicle.  Ceck out some more cheap ways to travel Europe.

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Getting The Right Lawn Mower

Keeping the garden looking neat and tidy can be a tiresome job, even if you are keen on gardening. It is so much easier with the right tools, so make sure that you have what you need before you begin. If you have a lawn, it is important that you have the right sort of lawn mower to cut the grass. There are lots of different makes and models to choose from so there is one for every sort of garden. I searched for mowers on line and found a great choice. I chose an electric Flymo as I only have a small amount of grass to cut.

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Towcester Chiropractic helps with aches, pain, loss of function following trauma; falls, car accidents, sports injuries.

The skull is composed of 28 separate bones and is the most complex component of the human skeleton.

The grown-up neck is an anatomically complex part of the body, thickly populated with key structures. The seven hard areas of the spinal section are known as the cervical vertebrae. Each is padded between cartilaginous plates that offer a huge level of adaptability, securing nerve pathways going between the mind and the body.

Stressors of daily living such as a trauma; fall, blow to head, car accident, or poor posture from sitting at a PC, repetitive twisting/lifting, or sports injuries are just some of the causes for disruptions to healthy nerve pathways and may result in loss of normal function, weakness, change in sensation, pain, muscular tightness/aching. Regular Chiropractic care chiropractor towcester using gentle specific adjustments can relieve pressure on the nerves and restore normal healthy function, thus reducing pain, tightness and weakness that may be experienced as a result of life’s stressors.Article Source:

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